I like living at Oaklea House because I have company. We are kind to each other and we all work together.

I like doing all the different activities – arts, crafts, baking. I like to help with cleaning too! I like the day trips and the holidays we go on.

I like the support from staff but also my independence.



Oaklea House

My son liked Allan House when we first visited and everyone was friendly. He is happy and there is a family feeling when you walk in or talk to staff and clients.

Staff are very approachable and you can talk to them about anything – they always have the time for you.

Barbara (parent of resident

at Allan House)

Social Services placed my brother at Allan House as emergency temporary care. But, he settled so well and everyone was happy with his care so he stayed!

The staff are very compassionate and each resident is treated as an individual. I

wouldn’t change anything.


(sister of resident

at Allan House)

I like going to the theatre. I like my own bedroom. I like the holidays we go on and I like going to church.

I like my independence and going out shopping. I like baking and enjoy making cakes.

I am friends with everyone who lives here

and I like ALL the staff.

I cant think of anything I would change.

I am happy here!

Resident at Oaklea

"It is very apparent that the home is empowering, person centred and focused on meeting the needs of residents"
On our previous afternoon of celebrations - "Singing, Dancing, Speeches.. all with people using the service central to the events activities.  Those with poor mobility and poor
communication were not forgotten in the
afternoons celebrations.
The epitome of dignity, kindness,
  respect and compassion.Thank you.

Jan Burns MBE,
Chair of the National
Dignity Council

My sister and I have both always been very close to my cousin, who works as an acupuncturist. On her first visit to Oaklea House, my cousin noticed a photograph of a lady displayed in a prominent position and exclaimed “I know that lady!. A conversation followed about how she was a patient of my cousin’s during her last few years of her life and they got to know one another quite well. My cousin had a lot of respect for Grace’s values and her knowledge of healthcare. 
She could immediately see how
these attributes are
reflected in the culture of
Oaklea House.

Oaklea House
Resident's sister